How to be a Friend Favorite on Facebook

facebook scrabble We all secretly desire to be a friend-favorite on Facebook, whether we openly admit it or not. Recently, researchers from the Arizona State University utilized the answers from surveys completed by undergraduate students and focus groups to come up with techniques on how to become a favorite on Facebook and retain all of the friends that have been acquired on the social media platform. Additionally, the researchers determined that these steps were productive in avoiding missteps on the social media platform that could result in creating unfriendliness in “real” life. In 2012, the study was published in the internet publication, “Journal of Social and Personal Relationships”. Naturally, the basic techniques for obtaining and retaining friends on Facebook may change depending on age, region, and other factors; however, the following outlined the most common methods to becoming a friend-favorite on the social media website:

  1. The first step to being a friend-favorite on Facebook is to ensure that you take the time to set up your Facebook Page. This means that you should place a personal picture of yourself for your cover photo and you should place a Facebook cover on your page that is inviting and/or interesting. If you have a particular hobby, you may use a Facebook cover that reflects that hobby. If you enjoy nature, you could place a cover that displays a nature scene on your page. If you are unsure as to what type of Facebook cover to post, simply place one on your page with an artistic design or a motivational quote. Visual appeal is actually a very important component of being a friend-favorite on Facebook; after all, your profile is your online “identity”.
  2. The next step to becoming a friend-favorite on Facebook is to engage. This means that you should interact with your friends on their pages by liking and commenting on what they share. Additionally, when a friend engages with you on your page, you should interact back. If you are responsive to others, they will be responsive to you.
  3. When attempting to be a friend-favorite on Facebook, it is imperative that you carefully consider the things that you post before posting. It is not advisable to post anything that is negative to certain types of ethnic groups, races, genders, religious groups, and other types of people and groups. You should be impartial to all types of people. Derogatory posts and other types of negativity are typically not received well by people. When you post this type of thing, you are sure to end up at the bottom of everyone’s list as a “friend-favorite”.

We all want to be popular. It does not matter if it is in the “real” world or in the “virtual” world of Facebook. By following the tips outlined in this brief guide, you are sure to become a friend-favorite among all of your Facebook friends. If you would like to learn more about using Facebook to your advantage or being successful, click HERE.