Offers Beautiful Facebook Cover for Sea Turtle Enthusiasts


If you are a sea turtle enthusiast, you are sure to love the Facebook Cover called Baby Sea Turtle that is currently being offered by Sea Turtles are considered to be one of the most ancient creatures that currently exist on our planet. It has been established that these beautiful creatures have been on Earth approximately 110 million years. That places these majestic creatures all the way back to the time when dinosaurs roamed our land and moved through the waters of the world. While similar to land-based turtles in appearance, these amazing creatures have a special shell that allows them to maneuver successfully through water. These creatures are unable to retract their head and their legs into their body; however, many believe that this enhances their beauty and appeal.

Where Sea Turtles May Be Found
Sea turtles are commonly found in the warm waters of the oceans throughout the world. These creatures have the unique capability of migrating hundreds and hundreds of miles between their nesting grounds and their feeding grounds. It is common for most of these creatures to migrate at great lengths. It is considered to be difficult for total populations of sea turtles to be determined. This is mainly because of the fact that the male turtles and the juvenile turtles do not return to the shore that they hatched at once they reach the ocean.

Basic Behavior
According to research, it has been determined that sea turtles spend the majority of their lives living in the water. This makes it a little difficult to conclude a lot about their behaviors. The information that has been obtained about sea turtle behavior stems from watching females that leave the water to lay their eggs and the hatchlings that emerge from those eggs. We do know that female sea turtles will return to lay their eggs at the same nesting grounds in which they were born. The female makes a nest on the shores and returns to the water. Approximately one week later, the babies will hatch during the night time hours, and move towards the ocean. Once they make it to the ocean, they will remain alone until they are able to find a mate as an adult.

Interesting Facts
According to research, the Kemp’s Ridley is the smallest type of sea turtle. This one measures in at about 30 inches in length and weighs about 80 to 100 pounds. The largest sea turtle is the leatherback sea turtle. This species has the ability to reach over six feet in length. The leatherback turtle has the ability to weigh well over 2,000 pounds. According to studies, sea turtles have the ability to live up to 80 years! If you are a sea turtle enthusiast, the Facebook Cover offered by will warm your heart. It is an image of human hands releasing a small turtle into the ocean – from an underwater perspective. If you want to show your passion for sea turtles, download this Facebook Cover today: //