Facebook Tricks – Optimize Your Facebook Cover to Build Your Brand

One of the most productive Facebook tricks that will help you achieve a large amount of success with your online business is to optimize your Facebook cover to build your brand. The cover picture is, typically, the very first thing that is observed on a Facebook Page – be it a personal page or a business page. If you are attempting to build your brand, you will find many guides of Facebook tricks out there that will aid you; however, the best technique is to work to optimize your Facebook cover, the virtual-based “welcome mat” for your fans, your current customers, and your potential customers. A quality Facebook cover aids in establishing credibility and building notoriety on the World Wide Web. In this guide, you will learn how to succeed in this endeavor.

Brand Expression
In reviewing Facebook tricks regarding your brand’s cover photo, one of the most common steps to optimizing the image is to ensure that it expresses what your brand is about. For example, if you specialize in computers, internet users will expect to see a cover image that displays computers and/or their components. If your brand specializes in birthday cakes, your fans will be looking for an image that displays cakes, decorations, and similar items. Brand expression should be your top priority when choosing a Facebook cover. The image that you select should represent your business. You should always choose an image that provides brand expression and makes an impact. Not only should the image represent your business, you should also represent your target audience.

Avoid the Sales Pitch
Now, there are multiple Facebook tricks out there that aid in helping you make a sales pitch on your business page. While many of these tricks are highly beneficial to your business, there is one place on your page that a sales pitch should NOT be made – that is your Facebook cover. Your cover picture should represent your brand as an entity. It is not an appropriate place to feature products and/or services for the purpose and intent of making a sale. When choosing your Facebook cover, remember, your main priority is to create a strong relationship with consumers that may have an interest in your products and/or services. If you elect to use a cover that aims to push what you have to offer, you will push consumers away.

Quality is Key
In order to optimize your brand with a Facebook cover, it is essential that you only choose images that are high quality. In fact, according to many successful businesses, quality is the key to success. The image should not appear as if it has been cut off. It should not display a high level of pixilation. The image should be clear, crisp, and neat. If it is not, the image of your brand will be forever tarnished. To obtain more information about using a cover to optimize your brand or to learn more Facebook tricks on brand building, visit us today at: //www.firstcovers.com/