Facebook Tips and Tricks to Make Your Business Page an Instant Success

facebook-coverIn this brief guide, you will receive information on Facebook tips and tricks that will assist in making your business page an instant success. Facebook is a social media platform that represents an immense potential market when it comes to the marketing efforts of your business; however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out among the mass amount of pages that currently exist on the platform. Currently, there are well over 1.44 billion active users each month on Facebook. An approximate 936 million users log in to Facebook each and every single day, which means that these users are highly active and are considered to be a promising audience when it comes to your marketing efforts. By following the Facebook tips and tricks in this guide, you are sure to experience a high level of success in social media marketing for your business and stand out and above all of the rest within your industry.

1.     Opt for a Recognizable Picture for Your Page
When creating a Facebook Page for your business, it is imperative that you add a picture for your profile that will be recognizable for those that elect to “Like” that page. You may opt to use your business logo, a picture of your business team, or a head shot of yourself if you identify yourself as a solopreneur. By ensuring that your picture on your profile is recognizable, you will find that it is easier to get found amidst all of the Facebook Pages that are currently in existence and liked. This particular picture will be located on the top of your business page and it will act as the thumbnail image that Facebook users see when you post updates. Be certain that you choose an appropriate image that best represents your business, but, also encourages users to “Like” your page!

2.     Choose a Cover That Converts
When it comes to Facebook tips and tricks that will make your business page an instant success, one of the most popular is to choose a Facebook cover picture that is highly engaging and instantly coverts into website traffic, a “Like”, or even a sale! The Facebook cover is the largest image that will be posted on your business page. Not only must it be attractive, but, it should also be relevant to your industry, stand out apart from covers that other business pages display, and it should command the attention of your target audience. Out of all aspects of your business Facebook Page, the Facebook cover is considered to be the single, most important image on the page. Ensure that you choose it wisely!

3.     Optimize Your Facebook Page for Search Engines
When creating your Facebook Page for your business, you will have the ability to add links in the descriptions of your Facebook cover image, your profile image, and all other images that you place on the page. Furthermore, you may add keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your niche in these descriptions, as well as the posts and updates that you provide. By adding links, keywords, and keyword phrases to all of the content on your business page, the website that you are attempting to promote will rank higher in search engines. Furthermore, your business page will also rank higher in search engines. This means that internet users that have an interest in your niche and/or industry will be able to find you on Facebook with ease! For more information on Facebook tips and tricks for your business page, visit us today at://www.firstcovers.com/