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We all know and understand that first impressions hold the highest level of importance. It does not matter if you are shaking hands with a potential employer, passing out your business cards to potential customers, or engaging with people on Facebook. Friends, neighbors, businesses, clients, and even consumers have the ability to decide, within seconds, if you are someone that they have a good feeling about or not – this is especially true when it comes to social media platforms, such as Facebook. If you want to create a stellar first impression in the virtual world, you should opt for

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“Picture the Best Day of Your Life” Facebook Cover Receives 45k Likes on


Picture the Best Day of Your Life” Facebook cover on now has an amazing 45k Likes! If you have a passion for life, a passion for happiness, and a passion for helping others see the bright side of life, you are sure to love this stunning Facebook Cover! This cover image has a background color of vibrant purple and is meshed with text written in a type of hot-pink color. The text of this Facebook cover reads as follows:

“Close your eyes picture the best day of your life. Think of how you felt that day. Think of what was around you The fragrances, the sounds, the flavours. The things you said and what was said to you. Now open your eyes. And keep that feeling.”

In a world filled with economic turmoil, violence, worries, and other complications, it is often common for each of us to remember that there have been better days in our lives and there WILL be better days to come. It is easy to forget this fact when we are often surrounded by swarms of chaos, destruction, anger, and sadness. By sharing this particular Facebook Cover on your Facebook profile, you are sure to bring a little light in someone’s day that has been completely dark.

In addition to brightening someone’s day, this particular Facebook Cover will bring back many sweet memories to those that view it and follow its instructions. The Facebook Cover is the absolutely largest and most noticeable image present on the Facebook Profile Page. When you have friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, and others visit your page, you want them to feel a positive energy. By sharing this cover, one that encourages them to remember what they consider to be the absolute best day in their lives, you are sure to create that positive energy.  Today, more than ever, people are just as influenced by your social media postings as your face-to-face dealings. Be positive and you will find that more positivity enters your life! specializes in creating Facebook Covers. Our website includes covers that range from the categories of “Actor” to “Zodiac”. In addition to this, you may easily create your very own Facebook Covers as we have a special generator on our website that will assist you! If you would like to view more of the many covers that we currently offer, simply click HERE.

20 Signs You’ve Been Single Waaaaaaay Too Long!

Is there such a thing as terminal singledom? Well, maybe nothing that extreme, but like it or not you’re just like every loaf on the shelf when it comes to having a ‘best buy’ or ‘use before’ date.

So in the spirit of avoiding the spinster lifestyle, take stock of the following signs you’ve been out of the game way, way too long…and maybe take the hint too:

1 – Your grandparents don’t bother asking you about your love life anymore

2 – People either flinch or say ‘never mind’ when you tell them how long you’ve been single

3 – You’ve lowered your standard so far you now fancy folk you once hated

4 – You genuinely cannot remember your last sexual encounter…that you enjoyed

5 – You harbor an inherent bitterness to anyone on Earth daring to get married


6 – You’re giving serious thought to trying the ‘other side of the fence’ just for the sake of some action

7 – When couple’s trips or dates or organized, you don’t get an invite

8 – You’d happily list your cat/s as the most important thing in your life

9 – Given the chance, you’d give it another ‘go’ with an ex you dumped in 2003

10 – You bolt from the dance-floor when “All the Single Ladies” comes on

11 – You’ve resorted to lying about your love life…and nobody believes you

12 – When folk say “Don’t worry you’ll find someone” you’d quite like to punch them

13 – When a single friend hooks up, you instantly hate them…forever

14 – When a hooked-up friend talks about how great being single is, you almost DO punch them

15 – The clothes you used to wear to make an effort are more than three years old…and two sizes too small

16 – You’ve Google words like ‘celibacy’ just to see if there are any real merits

18 – One or both of your parents have sat you down and asked if you are secretly gay

19 – You’ve finally taken the step to bring beige slacks and elasticated waistbands into your collection

20 – You’re idea of a killer Saturday night involves Ben, Jerry’s and a butt-load of B-Movies