Beautifully-Designed Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook Cover

sonic the hedgehog facebook cover is currently offering a beautifully-designed Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook Cover image for those that adore Sega’s fast, blue mascot. For over two decades, Sonic the Hedgehog has been carving out a trail of nothing but success for Sega. Currently, over 70 different video games include Sonic and have grossed well over $5 billion for the company! This is an absolutely astonishing figure! Not only do the older crowds love Sonic, but, the younger generations are starting to appreciate Sonic, as well! If you love this fast, little, blue iconic character, you should head on over and get your Sonic the Hedgehog Cover TODAY!

In viewing this particular Facebook Cover, you will observe a highly-detailed image of Sonic the Hedgehog punching his way onto the screen. Based by images of fire and technological advancements, this Facebook Cover outlines the power of the Sega character. The overall image is outlined with a tint of yellow; however, you can still clearly see the blue on Sonic, the ravaging reds and outstanding oranges within the fire in the background, and all of the other colors that are meshed into this amazing image.

There is absolutely no argument that Sonic the Hedgehog is considered to be one of the biggest-selling game icons that the world has ever witnessed. He has maintained this status for more than twenty years! The Sonic brand now has one of the broadest of all fan bases of any brand. That fan base includes kids that are just now being introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as teenagers, young adults, and older adults that grew up with the character. Not only is Sonic the Hedgehog popular in video games, but, he now has a multitude of cartoons out and even a toy line!

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