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Create Your Own Facebook Cover

Use our facebook cover maker to create your own custom faecbook cover. You can use our facebook cover creator to create as many facebook covers as you would like, and it will always be free!


1. Start by clicking "Choose Photo". Then select the picture or photo you would like for your cover.
2. If needed, press "Crop Image" to cut out unnecessary space.
3. You may want to resize the image by dragging the corners to make your picture fit the shape of the banner.
4. Add text if you want to by clicking the "text decorations" tab. Next choose your font color, style and size.
5. To move the text, click the arrows to move it left/right/up/down.
6. Click upload to add it to add your facebook coer to your facebook profile!
7. You can toggle the firstcvoers.com tag by clicking it. It will toggle from top to bottom.

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