Your Facebook Cover is One of the Best Free Marketing Strategies for Advertising Your Cause

facebook iconIf you have a cause that you want to raise awareness for, it is essential that you make use of your Facebook cover image. It does not matter if you are an individual or a nonprofit organization seeking to advertise your cause, the Facebook cover is one of the most effective free marketing strategies that will result in immediate success. Compelling images and graphics are a wonderful means of sharing a story. Combined with your blog, website, and the social exchanges on Facebook, you will discover that the Facebook cover is an absolutely excellent platform for kicking off a visual storytelling sessions to current and potential supporters. In this guide, you will learn why your Facebook cover is important and how to make it work for your cause.

The Facebook Cover Image
The Facebook cover image is, perhaps, the absolute most important image on your Facebook Page. Not only is it large, but, it is also one of the very first images that people see when they land on your page. Internet marketers and professionals from all industries agree that the most strategic location on Facebook when it comes to advertising is the cover photo. If you are promoting a cause, you should take full advantage of this free marketing space. The Facebook cover is, by all accounts, your very own virtual billboard. You should take full advantage of the space to promote your cause.

Maximizing Your Facebook Cover Space
There are several unique and beneficial strategies that may be used to maximize your Facebook cover space in order to promote your cause. Below, you will discover these amazing techniques:

  1. The first step to creating a virtual billboard that will aid in promoting your cause is to choose an image or a collection of images that convey important facts about your cause and/or mission. It is important to ensure that the image or images you select result in an emotional-based impact that will capture the true essence of your cause. According to statistics, images that include the faces of people seem to be the most engaging.
  2. When promoting your cause through a Facebook cover, you may use the space to make an announcement. For example, if you are hosting an event or a specific campaign pertaining to your cause, use the Facebook cover to announce the event and/or campaign. Be certain to avoid making the space look like an advertisement. Your announcement should include compelling images and a minimal amount of text.
  3. When creating a Facebook cover to promote your cause, you should opt for authenticity. Instead of choosing a Facebook cover that has been used over and over, create your own! This way, you can better reflect your cause and the people that are part of your cause. There are many free tools online that will allow you to create your own Facebook cover.

The Facebook cover is an absolutely wonderful way to promote your cause. As stated previously, it does not matter if you are an individual or part of a nonprofit organization, the tips contained in this brief guide will aid in your ability to increase awareness about your cause. If you would like to browse through Facebook covers that may be used on your Page to promote or cause, or even create your own Facebook cover, simply click HERE.