Hipster Crowdfunds Money for 13 Dates

There’s wrong, there’s really wrong and then there’s so wrong you sort of want to dig a hole for the source of wrongness to crawl into. In this case it’s a prime example of the third, as just when you thought you’d seen it all, an uber-hipster by the name of Tom Packer is trying to gain crowdfunding to pay for 13 dates.

Kitted out in the usual cliché of tattoos, beards and waistcoats, Tom for some reason thinks it’s up to the rest of the world to pay for his dates on his behalf. As for his explanation…well, let’s just say it’s as crappy as the idea as a whole.

So Wrong – Hipster Crowdfunds Money for 13 Dates

In his own words:

“I spend my time writing and making cocktails in a local bar. This, however, means that I sadly don’t have the funds for 13 dates, especially if I want to impress the ladies.”

He’s trying to score a total of £1,300 for anyone in the world stupid enough to contribute, which he reckons will be ‘a fair enough average’ for 13 quality dates at £100 a pop. We can therefore only assume that if the bill goes over £100, he’ll ask his date to contribute the rest.

You’d think at this point that things couldn’t possibly get any worse, but brace yourself for the fact that they are about to…and how. If you’re won over by his tale of woe and sadness, tom has kindly offered a reward to each of his financial contributors, which are as follows:

£1 – A thank you from Tom by email.

£10 – Signed photo. Yes, a fully autographed and wholly beardy photo of the man himself.

£100 – A guaranteed date with Tom. Yay…

£500 – A date and a poem.

£1,000 – A trip with Tom to Paris, which would be generous if it wasn’t for the fact that YOU pay for it.

Credit cards on standby ladies…how could you possibly resist an offer like this?