“PTSD AWARENESS” Facebook Cover at FirstCovers.com Gains Immense Popularity among Military Personnel and Their Loved Ones

In recent weeks, the “PTSD AWARENESS” Facebook Cover located HERE has started to gain a lot of popularity among military personnel and their loved ones. Once considered to be a taboo topic, many individuals that have served in the military are starting to come out with their struggles with readjusting to life outside of the scope of their military duties and/or life in the service. Most of these individuals have been found to suffer from PTSD, which stands for “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with this condition as a result of serving in the military, the “PTSD AWARENESS” Facebook Cover should be posted on your page.

facebook covers - pstd awareness

What is PTSD?
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder develops when an individual has experienced some type of severe trauma or an event that is life-threatening. This condition is often referred to as “combat stress”. In many instances, it is also called “shell shock”. While we all react to such events through physiological and psychological shock, when a person develops PTSD, it indicates that their nervous system has become somewhat stuck. PTSD is a psychiatric condition that knows no gender, age, or social status. We are all susceptible to developing this issue. It is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of the body and mind becoming overburdened with stress, which has resulted in shock. For those that experience this condition, it is a lifelong burden that results in numerous unpleasant symptoms.

The Symptoms
There are many different symptoms that may be experienced by a person that is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. When returning from deployment, the symptoms may not appear right away. In fact, it could take several months or even years for military personnel to notice symptoms of the condition. When symptoms start to develop, they are often broken down or identified within a cluster. To date, four clusters – total – have been identified:

  1. Reminders of the traumatic event that occurred are common. This may include distressing thoughts, nightmares, and even flashbacks.
  2. Many military personnel will avoid situations and events that remind them of the traumatic event. For example, if they were in a war, they may not attend a firework display because of the noise.
  3. It is common for military personnel with PTSD to experience negative changes in their thought processes and their mood. For example, they may have extreme bouts of guilt and feel completely detached from those that they love.
  4. It is common for military personnel with PTSD to be highly emotionally reactive and “on-guard” at all times.

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