“Picture the Best Day of Your Life” Facebook Cover Receives 45k Likes on FirstCovers.com


Picture the Best Day of Your Life” Facebook cover on FirstCovers.com now has an amazing 45k Likes! If you have a passion for life, a passion for happiness, and a passion for helping others see the bright side of life, you are sure to love this stunning Facebook Cover! This cover image has a background color of vibrant purple and is meshed with text written in a type of hot-pink color. The text of this Facebook cover reads as follows:

“Close your eyes picture the best day of your life. Think of how you felt that day. Think of what was around you The fragrances, the sounds, the flavours. The things you said and what was said to you. Now open your eyes. And keep that feeling.”

In a world filled with economic turmoil, violence, worries, and other complications, it is often common for each of us to remember that there have been better days in our lives and there WILL be better days to come. It is easy to forget this fact when we are often surrounded by swarms of chaos, destruction, anger, and sadness. By sharing this particular Facebook Cover on your Facebook profile, you are sure to bring a little light in someone’s day that has been completely dark.

In addition to brightening someone’s day, this particular Facebook Cover will bring back many sweet memories to those that view it and follow its instructions. The Facebook Cover is the absolutely largest and most noticeable image present on the Facebook Profile Page. When you have friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, and others visit your page, you want them to feel a positive energy. By sharing this cover, one that encourages them to remember what they consider to be the absolute best day in their lives, you are sure to create that positive energy.  Today, more than ever, people are just as influenced by your social media postings as your face-to-face dealings. Be positive and you will find that more positivity enters your life!

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