’s “Faith Book” Facebook Cover Quickly Gaining Popularity

faithbook-facebook cover

The “Faith Book” Facebook Cover available through is quickly growing in popularity. Currently, the cover has an amazing 1.1k “Likes” on the social media platform. Each day, it continues to grow as a favorite among users. The popularity of this particular cover seems to be corresponding with the influx of complications, worldwide, surrounding jihadists. Now, more than ever before, Christians are standing strong in professing their faith. According to those that have this cover in place on their Facebook Page, it allows them the ability to broadcast their Christian beliefs in a calm, peaceful, and productive manner.

When looking at the “Faith Book” Facebook Cover at, you will find that it was constructed in such a way that it resembles the color and the theme of Facebook. The background is a navy blue and the phrase, “faith book” is written in lower case letters, just like the word “facebook”. Just below the phrase, are a sentence and a question: “Jesus wants to put you in His Book. Do you accept?” All of the letters of the cover are written in white and the words “Jesus”, “His”, and “Book” are all capitalized in order to show respect and loyalty to the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and to the book of the Christian faith, the Holy Bible.

As you browse through recent news stories, terrorism and wars abound. Nearly every single story or rumor of war involves jihadists – or, those fighting for their particular religious beliefs. The Bible clearly states that all of this will happen. At some point, Christians will be raptured by God. Immediately following this, a 7 year period referred to the “Tribulation” will occur. During this time, a peace treaty will be made and broken with Israel, and leaders will emerge that seem to be Christ; however, this leader will be just the opposite – the Antichrist. Eventually, the indwelling will occur in which the Antichrist becomes the embodiment of Satan, himself.

It is said that many Christians will be martyred for their beliefs. Additionally, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will make their way into the world, bringing destruction and death. The Lord our God wants us to stay faithful and true to him and his Son, Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian, you believe all of these things to be true and this Facebook Cover is a wonderful way to display your beliefs and your faith! In order to observe and even use the “Faith Book” Facebook Cover, click HERE.