Offers “Picture the Best Day of Your Life” Facebook Cover

facebook cover - best day of your life

Now that the New Year is in, why not be a strong, motivating force to all of your Facebook friends by posting the “Picture the Best Day of Your Life” Facebook Cover offered by This is absolutely perfect for any person that wants to share the fun, festive celebration of new beginnings. This cover is purple, with pink writing. While the color scheme may appear to be feminine in nature, many males have posted this on their page. The writing on this Facebook Cover states:

“Close your eyes picture the best day of your life. Think of how you felt that day. Think of what was around you the fragrances, the sounds, the flavours. The things you said and what was said to you. Now open your eyes. And keep that feeling….”

By starting out the New Year with this solid advice, you are, perhaps, providing your Facebook friends with the most encouraging and sound advice that they will receive this year. We all know that last year posed quite a few challenges. It is likely that this year will pose a few challenges, too. Instead of focusing on the negativity of the current situation, this Facebook Cover offered by encourages to remember the good times – even in the worst of times – and focus on how we felt during those times.

This Facebook Cover is perfect for just about anyone. It does not matter how young or old you are, what your social status is, what career you have, or what you enjoy in life, this is a great Facebook Cover for those that simply want to bring light to a dull day, sunshine in the rain, or happiness in the midst of sadness.

If you are a person that often shares motivational quotes, tries to encourage your friends, or, simply has a desire to make a strong change in the world, this Facebook Cover image will prove to be highly beneficial in all of your endeavors! We have ALL experienced that ONE DAY in our lives that stands out above all other days. We have seen, heard, smelled, and experienced happiness in unique ways. Now, we can remind all of our Facebook friends of the ONE DAY in their lives in which they experienced the ultimate bliss! If you have an interest in adding the “Picture the Best Day of Your Life” Facebook Cover to your profile, click HERE.

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