Introduces Nostalgic Christmas Collage Facebook Cover That is Highly Appealing to Those Who Love the Holidays


Now that the holidays are in full swing, has introduced an entire section of holiday-themed Facebook Covers. The one that seems to be drawing in an immense amount of interest from Facebook users is the one titled, “Christmas Collage”. This particular Facebook Cover is considered to be exceptionally nostalgic. As you look over the eight beautiful pictures that are included in this collage, you will discover that all reflect common imagery from the winter season and images that remind you of the holidays that you experienced as a child. If you want to share your love for the season, this Facebook Cover is the way to go!

From left to right – starting at the top of the collage – the images reflected in this popular Facebook Cover include the following:

  1. A picture that appears to be taken inside of a home, behind the glass of a window, pointing out into a yard and wooded region filled with snow. The glass has small moisture droplets from the snow that has fallen, yet been warmed by the heat emitted from the inside of the home onto the glass.
  2. An image of the Christmas decorations of a small, plastic deer and a star. These two decorations seem to be placed onto of a snow blanket or snow, in general, in order to enhance the appeal of the seasonal theme. The small deer decoration is similar to those sold in five and dime stores when we were kids.
  3. A simple image of a leave-free bush covered in a luscious, white snow.
  4. An image of an old-fashioned Christmas globe with Santa Claus sitting on what appears to be a banister of an old, outdoor, wooden porch, covered in snow and icicles.
  5. The same old-fashioned snow globe, but, zoomed in to the actual globe more than the wooden porch in the background.
  6. A young child holding a stuffed snowman adorned in a Santa costume.
  7. A picture of a gift tag with a red snowflake. It appears to be on top of a snow-covered bush or a plastic, white wreath.
  8. The final picture appears to be a teenage male or man holding a plastic Christmas tree decoration covered in snow. These, too, were common decorations purchased when we were children.

As you can see, a lot of thought and effort went into designing this Facebook Cover for those that want to post a Facebook Cover that reflects the joy, love, and happiness that they experience around Christmas time. If you like Christmas, share the joy with your family and friends that are part of your Facebook Friends. All you have to do is click on the link below in order to access this beautifully, nostalgic Facebook Cover. If you decide it is the right image for your Facebook Page, click on the Cover to add it to your Page. Be sure to check out the other holiday covers listed! The link is: