Offers Facebook Cover That Encourages People to Search for Peace within Themselves

facebook-cover-nothingcanbringpeaceyourself is now offering a new Facebook Cover called “Nothing But Yourself”. This beautiful blue-colored Facebook Cover displays a mountainous scene that includes snow. On the right side, there is a circle that states: “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” All too often, we look outside of ourselves in order to find peace within ourselves. This is the wrong strategy. In order to experience peace, we must seek within ourselves. We and we alone are responsible for the peace that we desire, that we feel, that we experience. By placing this Facebook Cover on your Facebook Page, you are not only reminding yourself of this fact, but, you are also reminding all of those that view your page.

Generally speaking, the world is chaotic. On the most part, those circumstances and events that exist within the world are completely out of your control. When it comes to you, though, you are – ultimately – the “driver” of your life. You have a choice. You may choose to give into the chaos that surrounds you on a daily basis, or, you may opt to experience peace so that you are equipped to handle the circumstances and events that transpire in your daily life. When you choose peace and understand that it must be attained by looking within yourself, you no longer have to “play” the hand that you have been dealt in life. You will immediately realize that it is possible to reshuffle the hand back into the deck and draw a new hand to play!

By using the “Nothing But Yourself” Facebook Cover, you come to realize that you must live in the present in order to create a peaceful future. You will learn to let go of that which is in the past and that sensation that what will happen in the future is completely inevitable. You will overcome anything that comes your way. Your mind will no longer be plagued with senseless worry and dread. You will learn to experience each day as it comes to you. You will suddenly start to find that life is less burdensome and that you are no longer overwhelmed by the events and circumstances that transpire in your life. You will learn to appreciate all that comes your way.

When you learn that only you are responsible for the peace that you experience in life, you will learn that there are some things that you have the capability of changing and some things that you lack the capability of changing. You will immediately start to accept this as fact. You will reconcile yourself with the fact that you must simply do the best that you can to obtain the life that you desire. If your anticipated outcome does not happen, you will accept this and be at peace with it. Life is challenging. Life is not fair. In fact, life is downright vicious; however, by learning that you are responsible for the peace in your life, you are sure to have a happier, more satisfying life. If you would like to put this Facebook Cover on your Facebook Page, simply visit the following link: Offers Facebook Cover That Instills Hope, “God Has Perfect Timing”

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly common for those with even the highest level of faith to lose hope. Lost hope can be witnessed on every segment of land on the planet, every conceivable aspect of society, and every area where the Christian religion is practiced. The solid ground of hope has eroded beneath the feet of even the most solid and faithful believer. We all know that God IS, that God IS GOOD, and that GOD IS THERE; however, continuing bouts of economic turmoil and uncertainty, day-to-day crisis, and other complications that we face in life may poke holes in our faith and result in the loss of hope. knows and understands that many are suffering from the abandonment of hope. As a result of this, the website is now offering a Facebook Cover that is designed to instill hope. It is called, “God Has Perfect Timing”.


God Has Perfect Timing
Overall, each of us have a certain level of impatience. We want things to be done in our way and in our time; however, it is imperative that we understand that this is not always going to be the way it is when God is in our lives. God is not a being that allows things to just happen in a straightaway fashion. In fact, we are all situated on what many refer to as “God’s perfect timing”; that is, we must place our lives in the hands of the Lord. We must place our trust in him and know that we will receive that which we desire only if God considers it to be positive for our lives and WHEN God feels it is a time for that which we desire. The Facebook Cover, “God Has Perfect Timing” offered by states the following:

“God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it’s worth the wait.”

Not only is this Facebook Cover perfect for the person that wants to remind themselves that God has the perfect timing, but, it is perfect for the friends on that person’s Facebook Page to be reminded of this very important fact. By electing to use this Facebook Cover by, faith and lost hope may be restored. God is delighted in those that take delight in him. He knows the desires of our heart. He wants to give you what you want; however, we must learn to love and trust him. Faith is the hope of things unseen; hope is the faith in things unseen. That is, when it pertains to God and the Christian faith. If you want to share your faith and restore your hope and the hope of others, you should install this Facebook Cover offered by All you have to do is click on the link that will be placed below. That will take you directly to the page. Then, you will need to click on the button that says: “Click here to make this your profile cover!” Offers Beautiful Facebook Cover for Sea Turtle Enthusiasts


If you are a sea turtle enthusiast, you are sure to love the Facebook Cover called Baby Sea Turtle that is currently being offered by Sea Turtles are considered to be one of the most ancient creatures that currently exist on our planet. It has been established that these beautiful creatures have been on Earth approximately 110 million years. That places these majestic creatures all the way back to the time when dinosaurs roamed our land and moved through the waters of the world. While similar to land-based turtles in appearance, these amazing creatures have a special shell that allows them to maneuver successfully through water. These creatures are unable to retract their head and their legs into their body; however, many believe that this enhances their beauty and appeal.

Where Sea Turtles May Be Found
Sea turtles are commonly found in the warm waters of the oceans throughout the world. These creatures have the unique capability of migrating hundreds and hundreds of miles between their nesting grounds and their feeding grounds. It is common for most of these creatures to migrate at great lengths. It is considered to be difficult for total populations of sea turtles to be determined. This is mainly because of the fact that the male turtles and the juvenile turtles do not return to the shore that they hatched at once they reach the ocean.

Basic Behavior
According to research, it has been determined that sea turtles spend the majority of their lives living in the water. This makes it a little difficult to conclude a lot about their behaviors. The information that has been obtained about sea turtle behavior stems from watching females that leave the water to lay their eggs and the hatchlings that emerge from those eggs. We do know that female sea turtles will return to lay their eggs at the same nesting grounds in which they were born. The female makes a nest on the shores and returns to the water. Approximately one week later, the babies will hatch during the night time hours, and move towards the ocean. Once they make it to the ocean, they will remain alone until they are able to find a mate as an adult.

Interesting Facts
According to research, the Kemp’s Ridley is the smallest type of sea turtle. This one measures in at about 30 inches in length and weighs about 80 to 100 pounds. The largest sea turtle is the leatherback sea turtle. This species has the ability to reach over six feet in length. The leatherback turtle has the ability to weigh well over 2,000 pounds. According to studies, sea turtles have the ability to live up to 80 years! If you are a sea turtle enthusiast, the Facebook Cover offered by will warm your heart. It is an image of human hands releasing a small turtle into the ocean – from an underwater perspective. If you want to show your passion for sea turtles, download this Facebook Cover today:

Popular Facebook Cover by Reminds Christians That God’s Timing is Perfect

facebook-cover-god-has-perfect-timing has recently released a unique Facebook Cover for Christians that reminds this religious group that God’s timing is “perfect”. The cover is named “God Has Perfect Timing”. If you are searching for a religious cover, want to encourage others, or, simply want to display your faith in God and his promises, you are sure to appreciate this beautiful Facebook Cover. In a world consistently bombarded by a vast array of negativity, this type of cover will serve as a beacon of hope to those that are detrimentally impacted by the negativity of the world.

This beautiful Facebook Cover is becoming more and more popular. It is teal-colored with soft yellow words and highlights. Across the top and through the middle of the cover, the following is written:

“God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it’s worth the wait”.

As Christians, we know that – despite our wishes and innermost desires – God does not work on our time, but, on his….In Psalm 37, the Bible instructs us: “Rest in the Lord, wait patiently for him to act….Don’t fret and worry – it only leads to harm.” As a Christian, you are always working to pursue that which God wants for your life. Unfortunately, you may experience periods of inactivity or periods in which things do not seem to be going the way that you imagined they would. It is important that you know and understand that it is during these periods in life that God is preparing you, and possibly even testing you, so that you are properly prepared to handle that which will occur next.

In Proverbs 19:2, we are told that “Impatience will get you into trouble.” It is not at all unusual for a Christian to become impatient when we want something to happen fast and it isn’t. While it is easy to attempt to do so, we should never attempt to rush a situation because we are in a hurry. God’s timing is the perfect timing. Resting and allowing God to push things along the way he sees best is a true test of faith. In doing this, it means that you are completely comfortable on waiting on God and that you trust him, completely. Worrying and rushing things along will make us miserable. It will make things much more difficult than God ever intended them to be.

If you are a Christian, it is important to consistently remind yourself of God’s timing. You should remind yourself that it is imperative that we maintain our faith and hope in Christ, while he works to move things along in our lives. In addition to reminding ourselves of this very important lesson, we should also encourage our fellow Christians to do the same. By placing this Facebook Cover on your Facebook Page, you are not only displaying your faith in God, but, you are encouraging others to have faith in God, too! To see this Facebook Cover, visit:

Facebook Covers “Makes You Smile”

Facebook Users Who Want to Attract Positive People in Their Lives Use the “Makes You Smile” Facebook Cover Offered by


In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find and/or attract positive people into our lives. As humans, we have the keen, innate ability to quickly detect and/or sense danger. Many scientists believe this is exactly why the human race has been able to survive so long. Unfortunately, though, our thoughts that are plagued with worries and our bodies, which are plagued with stress, have the ability to wreak their own levels of devastation. Negative thinking and negative health effects are results of these things. When a person develops a negative mindset and negative health from the negativities of their thoughts and lives, that negativity expands out to others. In turn, others become burdened by their own degree of negativity. Who wants to experience and attract all of this negativity? If you are ready to attract positive people in your life, use the “Makes You Smile” Facebook Cover on your Facebook Page today!

Benefits of Positivity

The benefits of positivity are numerous, according to research. By starting with something simple, like the “Makes You Smile” Facebook Cover by, you are setting the stage for a vast amount of positivity to enter into your life. While many would believe that it is JUST a Facebook Cover, this cover has the potential to ripple into numerous positive experiences. In order to truly understand the effects it may have, consider the following benefits associated with positivity:

  • When a person experiences negative thoughts, it transitions into negative behaviors. When positive thoughts are experienced, it transitions into positive behaviors.
  • Individuals that remain positive and optimistic are considered to be upbeat and they experience significantly less health problems and health complaints than those that are negative and have a pessimistic outlook on life.
  • Positive people enjoy life to the fullest and, generally, have more opportunities than those that are negative.

The Facebook Cover

Now that you understand the benefits associated with high levels of positivity, it is time to learn how the “Makes You Smile” Facebook Cover by will help you. Facebook allows you the unique opportunity to connect with multitudes of people around the world. When it comes to your well-being, it is best to connect to those that have a positive perspective on life. You should foster relationships with those that encourage you to do exactly what makes you happy, so long as it brings no harm to others. You should connect to those that make you smile! This Facebook Cover promotes this basic concept. When you see it, you will find two people sitting on what appears to be a road of life. Each has a smiley face balloon in front of their face. The Facebook Cover states: “Do what makes you happy. Be with who makes you smile.” This will encourage people with a similar philosophy to connect with you! To get this cover, visit the following link now: Introduces New Facebook Cover – “Hard Times Will Always Reveal True Friends”

facebook cover - hard times

In today’s world, it is common for hard times to fall upon us. The part-time job economic crisis, the increasing prices, and the other types of economic turmoil seem to surround us in abundance. We all need a support system, of sorts. In some instances, our online support system is our only support system; however, who is a true friend and who is a faker? If you are interested in identifying those people that you consider to be a true friend, particularly on Facebook, you should consider using the Facebook covered now offered at called, “Hard Times Will Always Reveal True Friends”.

In looking at this Facebook cover, you will find that it is simple, but, to the point. It is black in color and the words are written in a type of silver or gray-colored writing. The words state, in all caps, “HARD TIMES WILL ALWAYS REVEAL TRUE FRIENDS”. Naturally, the contrast in colors and the letters in all caps will immediately draw in the attention of those that you have listed as “Friends” on Facebook. Right away, you will start to receive “Likes” and comments on the image. While not a completely accurate method of identifying the true friends from the fakers, it will provide you with a decent idea of who considers themselves a true friend to you and who accepted your friend request or requested to be friends with you for no other reason apart from being a nosey stalker!

It is really true, if you think about it. If you are reading this, it is quite likely that – by now – you have questioned the true intentions of those people in your life that refer to you as their friend. It is kind of funny….If all is going well; you are typically surrounded by a large number of people that claim to be your friend. When things start to crumble and go all wrong, you will often find yourself standing in the midst of complete and utter chaos, surrounded by only a few people that are willing to go through it with you. These are the TRUE friends. The other people that claim to be friends, but, leave you standing alone….THOSE are the FAKERS! Now, you will quickly have your Facebook friends questioning their loyalty to you. Additionally, this Facebook Cover will leave them with a solid understanding of what you expect from them, as a true friend!

If you have an interest in placing this Facebook Cover by on YOUR Facebook Page, simply click the following link:

Once you are on the page and are able to see the Facebook Cover at, you will have to click on the blue button that says: “Click here to make this your profile cover!” As long as you are logged into your Facebook account, the image will immediately replace your current Facebook Cover. Now, you will be well on your way to discovering the true friends from all of those fake friends! Offers Valentine-Themed Facebook Cover for Fashion Lovers

facebook valentines day cover

While Valentine’s Day is a holiday where romantic-based love is shared among individuals, there are many that are now celebrating it in honor of those things that they love and are passionate about in their lives. Those that have a love for the fashion industry may now share their passion with their Facebook friends, fans, and followers. works diligently to make Facebook Covers available for people and businesses that have a varied of interests. Examples include artistic designs, actors, actresses, sports, and more. If you love fashion, you are sure to enjoy the Valentine-themed cover called “Fashion Collage”.

When looking at the “Fashion Collage” Facebook Cover, you will immediately notice that it includes a lot of pinks, reds, and golds. This makes it perfect for those that want to decorate their Facebook Pages for Valentine’s Day. You will find that it includes images of a pink polo shirt that says, “POLO LOVE”, a red-colored dress from “PINKLAND BROWN”, an image of a “juicy girl” pink purse with a heart, a pair of light pink women’s pants that are made by “juicy”, jewelry with pink quartz, and gold belts and similar items.

If you have an online business where you specialize in fashion, you will find that this particular Facebook Cover is a highly productive one. Not only will it capture the attention of your female audience, but, it will enhance the look and appeal of your merchandise for Valentine’s Day. ensures that the Facebook Covers that they offer on their page are appropriate for personal Facebook Profiles, as well as Facebook Pages where businesses, organizations, and hobbies are broadcasted. To make the most of this image, you may use it on your personal profile page, as well as your business-related page.

If you are interested in other types of Facebook Covers that are related to Valentine’s Day, you will need to click on the nav bar button on that says, “Holidays”. Once the menu opens, you would then select “Valentines Day”. Here, you will find an assortment of covers that may be used. Many are funny, many are sarcastic, and others are romantic. is the most popular online location for Facebook Covers of all types!

If you would like to use the “Fashion Collage” cover on your Facebook Page, you will need to click HERE to access the image. Next, you will need to search for the blue button on the page that states, “Click here to make this your profile cover!” Once you click on the button, the “Fashion Collage” Facebook Cover will be placed on your Facebook Profile and/or Page. In order for the installation to work appropriately, be certain that you are logged into Facebook before pressing the button for installation. Once Valentine’s Day has passed, you may then return to to choose a new cover image. Many of the ones chosen after Valentine’s Day are those that reflect the upcoming spring months. Visit today to see the wide assortment of covers that are currently available!

“Rainbow Pattern” Facebook Cover Offered by Gains Popular Among LGBT Community

facebook cover rainbowIn recent months, the “Rainbow Pattern” Facebook Cover that is currently available at has gained an immense amount of popularity among those that are part of the LGBT community. “LGBT” stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender”. The flag of the community is a rainbow. This flag is often identified as the “Gay Pride Flag”. Those that are part of the community often associate the rainbow to reflect the diversity of the community. Recently, those that support the LGBT community have also started using this particular Facebook Cover in order to show their support for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender individuals.

This particular flag originated in the Northern California region. It was designed by a San Francisco-based artist named Gilbert Baker in the year of 1978. Since that time, many revisions have been performed. In the year of 2008, the rainbow flag displayed six different colored stripes. The colors reflected on the flag included red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The rainbow flag is flown like other flags – horizontally. The red stripe is typically at the top of the flag because red is the color most commonly found at the top of the naturally-occurring rainbows that develop in the atmosphere.

The colors that are displayed in the “Rainbow Pattern” Facebook Cover at are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Each of these colors are said to possess different meanings, as it pertains to the LGBT community:

  • Red is said to represent life. In some instances, it is used as a variant to represent sexuality.
  • Orange is said to represent healing.
  • Yellow is said to represent the light emitted from the sun.
  • Green is said to represent nature.
  • Blue is said to represent harmony and/or serenity.
  • Violet is said to represent the spirit.

The rainbow flag and rainbow-based design has been found across many different products. Examples include clothing, jewelry, and a wide array of other personal items. The colors that make up the “Rainbow Pattern” Facebook Cover offered at are said to represent the identity and the solidarity of those that are part of the LGBT community and those that support the individuals that are part of the LGBT community. In previous years, the Greek letter “lambda” and the popular pink triangle were used to represent gay pride. Today, the rainbow has become the universal symbol of showing gay pride.

If you are part of the LGBT community, or, you want to show your support for the members of this community, you may want to incorporate the “Rainbow Pattern” Facebook Cover into your Facebook Page. You may find this at under the “Patterns” Nav Bar menu button. If you would like to access it quickly, simply click HERE. Once you get to the page that displays the vibrantly-colored Facebook Cover, all you have to do is click on the link that states, “Click here to make this your profile cover!” For more Facebook Covers, visit today!

FirstCovers.Com Offers “American Flag” Facebook Cover

FirstCovers.Com Offers “American Flag” Facebook Cover for Those Wishing to Display Their American Pride during the 2016 U.S Presidential Race

american flag facebook cover

If you have a strong sense of American Pride and wish to outline your commitment to following the U.S Presidential Race of 2016, the “American Flag” Facebook Cover offered by is for you! This unique contest is designated for those that have a desire to become the 45th United States President. This is the first presidential race since 2008 that does not include any type of incumbent on the designated ballot for the contest. The previous election was considered to be historical because it marked the arrival of the very first black president to the nation. The current U.S Presidential Race of 2016 also appears as if it could be an historical event in the history of the nation.


As an American voter, you could, literally, make history – depending on your vote. First, you have the option of voting in the absolute first female president. Second, you may vote in the first president that has Cubans as parents. Third, you have the option of voting in a candidate whose brother and father have previously served as presidents. Finally, you may opt to vote for one of the many individuals that are part of super Political Action Committees. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Regardless of whom you are electing to support, or, who, eventually, takes the office, the “American Flag” Facebook Cover is a way to send a strong message that you will be part of the historical decision.


In addition to representing your support and following of the 2016 U.S Presidential Race, the “American Flag” Facebook Cover offered at may also represent your loyalty to the country, your appreciation to the country’s freedoms, and several other forms of symbolism. According to numerous studies, the American flag is considered to be one of the most widely-known symbols associated with the United States. It is considered to be the most powerful symbol associated with Americanism. It does not matter if you want to display it to show your pride in your citizenship, your appreciation of your freedoms, or, your support for a presidential race; the “American Flag” Facebook Cover at is considered to be one of the highest-rated, most detailed images depicting this amazing iconic symbol of America.


When visiting, you will simply go to the page that displays the “American Flag” Facebook Cover. You should then click on the image. A page will then appear with the image and a button that states: “Click here to make this your profile cover!” Naturally, all you have to do is click on that button. Before doing so, ensure that you are logged into your Facebook account. Once you click the button, the “American Flag” Facebook Cover will be placed on your page, immediately. If you love to display your affection for the United States, the 2016 Presidential Race, or the liberties and freedoms that are associated with the country, simply click HERE to go directly to this cover and download it today! Offers “Picture the Best Day of Your Life” Facebook Cover

facebook cover - best day of your life

Now that the New Year is in, why not be a strong, motivating force to all of your Facebook friends by posting the “Picture the Best Day of Your Life” Facebook Cover offered by This is absolutely perfect for any person that wants to share the fun, festive celebration of new beginnings. This cover is purple, with pink writing. While the color scheme may appear to be feminine in nature, many males have posted this on their page. The writing on this Facebook Cover states:

“Close your eyes picture the best day of your life. Think of how you felt that day. Think of what was around you the fragrances, the sounds, the flavours. The things you said and what was said to you. Now open your eyes. And keep that feeling….”

By starting out the New Year with this solid advice, you are, perhaps, providing your Facebook friends with the most encouraging and sound advice that they will receive this year. We all know that last year posed quite a few challenges. It is likely that this year will pose a few challenges, too. Instead of focusing on the negativity of the current situation, this Facebook Cover offered by encourages to remember the good times – even in the worst of times – and focus on how we felt during those times.

This Facebook Cover is perfect for just about anyone. It does not matter how young or old you are, what your social status is, what career you have, or what you enjoy in life, this is a great Facebook Cover for those that simply want to bring light to a dull day, sunshine in the rain, or happiness in the midst of sadness.

If you are a person that often shares motivational quotes, tries to encourage your friends, or, simply has a desire to make a strong change in the world, this Facebook Cover image will prove to be highly beneficial in all of your endeavors! We have ALL experienced that ONE DAY in our lives that stands out above all other days. We have seen, heard, smelled, and experienced happiness in unique ways. Now, we can remind all of our Facebook friends of the ONE DAY in their lives in which they experienced the ultimate bliss! If you have an interest in adding the “Picture the Best Day of Your Life” Facebook Cover to your profile, click HERE.

In addition to the “Picture the Best Day of Your Life” Facebook Cover that you may add to your profile, you should browse the other Facebook Covers offered by You will discover many different categories that include patterns, football, love, quotes, and many other popular ones. Additionally, if you so desire, you may use the generator that is currently listed on the site in order to create your very own, custom, unique Facebook Covers and other types of social media images. If you would like to see what is available at, click HERE.