“Be Yourself”- Facebook Cover Created By FirstCovers.com Liked by 1.2k


The beautifully-designed “Be Yourself” Facebook Cover created by FirstCovers.com has been, to date, “Liked” by an astounding 1.2k people! If you have a passion for standing out from the crowd and would like to share that personal value to your Facebook friends, this cover image is the best way to achieve success! If you find this cover image appealing, you likely know and understand that being at peace with yourself and experiencing peace of mind in life are the two most important goals that we should all commit throughout the duration of our lifetime. What better way to show your personal philosophy than to post FirstCovers.com’s “Be Yourself” Facebook Cover?

The Design
The “Be Yourself” Facebook Cover may be viewed by clicking HERE. In evaluating this image, you will find that it is rather basis; however, it includes a spectacular message. The background is a light tan/brownish color. There are 4 lines of little stick figures that have 9 images each. All of the images, except 1, are standard black and look just like the rest of the images. The one that is different is dressed in a red suit, standing in a different position, and, seemingly, waving. Just below the line where this unique human figure is standing are the words, “Be Yourself”, written in the same color red as the opposing human figure.

The Elite Lifestyle
At several points throughout history, conformity was admired; however, in today’s world, more and more people are starting to realize the advantages of standing against the standards associated with the masses. Those that choose to walk to the beat of their own drum, step outside the box, and create their own tune in life are said to be the ones with the true level of ingenuity. These ingenious people are said to be a part of what many are now calling the “elite lifestyle”. By using this Facebook Cover on your Facebook Page, you are announcing to the world that you are part of this new, elite lifestyle. It shows that you respect conformity, but, will not allow your life to be restricted to the confines of conformity.

“Be Yourself” is more than a message that states that you are a person of uniqueness and innovation. It is also a message that tells others that it is acceptable for them to be unique and innovative. This particular Facebook Cover outlines the fact that you are one of the visionaries that prefer to stray from the ever-popular “beaten path” and truly embrace your individualism. You know and understand that you are never capable of experiencing true happiness until you are first, true to yourself. You never place the “key” to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. You keep it in your pocket. You go out in the world and take responsibility for your life. You set your goals and you make your own path in life. If you would like to tell others that this is what you are all about, place the “Be Yourself” Facebook Cover on your profile today: http://www.firstcovers.com/covers/5320/be+yourself.html